ClickBank University

So in my last post I spoke about the world famous ClickBank. But just as a quick recap, ClickBank is:

– An online platform where content creators share products to be promoted.
– You, the marketer; can use the resources provided by these creators to promote their products, earning yourself a nice commission for your efforts.
– ClickBank administers all the payment stuff as the operating platform.

Now how exactly does all this stuff work you might ask? Well when you sign up to ClickBank, you’ll make a username that will be associated to the products you promote. If someone then buys said product, (via a link to the purchase page associated to your username) you’ll earn a commission – many of which are up to 95% !!!

Of course you need to figure out a way to promote these products. You can do this a number of ways through blogs, websites and social media. Most seasoned Affiliate Marketers will recommend using Facebook Ads; and ultimately I do too. Love it or loath it, Facebook has given marketers the ability to really dial in and target your ads to specific markets in various segments. However, there is a steep learning curve with this method and we’ll be looking at it in more detail in the future. For now, the focus should be on mastering ClickBank. One of the best ways of doing this is through extensive training offered by the ClickBank University. Just to be clear, this isn’t training that is endorsed by ClickBank itself. It’s a different organisation all together. But it’s a good one. A quick Google search will display tonnes of positive feedback about the training.

Essentially what you get is a 2 part course consisting of 8 weeks of training on Affiliate Marketing and 12 weeks on becoming a Vendor. That is, you’ll learn how to become a content creator to make your own products to sell via ClickBank. There are a plethora of videos that you get by joining, as well as live Q&A sessions, a private Facebook group and several tools to help you build websites and landing pages.

Click here to find out more!

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